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Ruby Rhod is one of my favorite characters in sci-fi ever because he is Luc Besson’s vision of the hetero sex symbol of the future: a flamboyant, emotionally labile man who wears skin-tight leopard print or decks himself in roses, a man who accessorizes with big jewelry and dabbles in cosmetics. And the ladies love him. Everything about him screams “gay” according to our stereotypes, but he’s portrayed as a 100% straight sexual dynamo.

Besson is one of the few directors I’ve seen who actually recognizes that our ideas of sexuality and gender performance might have changed drastically in the future.

He also has one of the most jarring entrances in a movie. Like the entire movie screeches to a halt because he bursts onto the scene well into the second act and it’s so strange and arresting and Bruce Willis is just like “what the fuck is even going on anymore?”

It’s p. great.

also? hot. :D

What struck me about the character was that essentially, he was in the adventure movie “flighty dame who is mostly there to shriek and occasionally hit a bad guy with a lamp or something,” position.

Because Leeloo was sure as HELL not gonna be that girl.  :3

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